UPDATE: January 30, 2016

I know that this site has been all but inactive over the last couple of years.  I'm hoping to do a complete revamp of the site this year in order to be mombile compliant and help support the great work of Mark Renken & team.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me with any questions that you have regarding this event.

 Thank you for your support,

UPDATE: March 22, 2011

come join us for the 15th year of Th' Gaterin' Festival O'  Beltane in Wakeeney, Kansas May 5-7, 2011.I will be making my return to Th' Gatherin' this year.  This has been one of my long-term goals cents my accident in 2006.  I would enjoy seeing all of my close friends and past throwing partners and competitors.  please consider coming and competing or just enjoying the Festival if you have the weekends free from competing elsewhere.  If you have not been Festival o' Beltane you are missing something very special.  The peoples to rounding this Festival every created something out of the past.  As the above tapestry says it's like stepping through the mists of time back onto the battlefield of our forefathers.  The festival is centered around the Warriors (athletes) who compete in teams of four for the ultimate prize of bragging rights and the prime cut of meat at the evenings warrior feast.  For more details please visit their website: has pictured above, the limited edition tapestry can be pre-ordered and available for pickup or shipping at the websites e-store.  All proceeds go to supporting the Festival.

UPDATE: August 02, 2009

Thank you all for the patience you have exhibited as we approach the 2009 Rushmore Heavy Events. Between procrastination and my health ( I'm sure most of you realize my situation) we are definitely behind in planning for this event.  The only thing that is keeping the entry forms from being e-mailed out and posted on the website is that we are bouncing in between two locations.  Both locations will provide you with a good field for throwing.  I only request that once the entry forms are sent out and posted that you help us out in turn your entry form in right away.  For more information on this event; go to The Rushmore Heavy Events webpage.

UPDATE: July 13, 2008

I cannot thank everyone who came out for Wyoming enough.  We fielded a record number of athletes this year.  All Spring I have been worried about what the weather would hand us in Gillette.  The entire region has seen the wettest Spring and more than a decade but, God gave us a window of excellent weather for the Wyoming throw.  You will be able to find a printable version of the results here.  Please bear with me with the posting of scores to NASGA.  I am trying to work with Kurt to streamline the process from the RMSA scoring program directly into his database.  And entering all of your scores is very difficult for me with my current physical limitations.  If anyone would like to input the scores for me, I would be happy to e-mail you a scoresheet with all the distances converted to feet and inches.  Mark Renken and Jamie Kennedy worked tirelessly to mail to set up the field for throwing.  A great big thanks goes out to them and all of the throwers to came up early and help set the field up.  And as always Cheryl Wheeling was there to to help Mollie in the morning and then judge all day.  Without my wife Mollie these throws would not go nearly as smooth.  I love you with everything I have sweetheart, thank you!  

Remember, 08/30/08 the RMSA championships will be held in Rapid City South Dakota.  As with the last couple of years I am a little behind the eight ball with entry forms.  I anticipate that they will be completed within the next 10 days.  Very soon I will be posting a picture of our overall awards for the championships.  We had them to debut at the Wyoming games so if you are not present ask people who were there how cool they are.  We hope that you would grace us with your presence for this games.  We understand the price of fuel is limiting everyone's travel.  Because of the area in Rapid City is in it makes for a perfect family vacation spot.  We have Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Sturgis, the Badlands, a whole lot more.  Because we are throwing on Saturday it leaves and other day and a half for sightseeing.  Hope to see you all here check back soon for updates.

UPDATE: May 08, 2008

today marks one year from leaving the hospital.  This weekend we are moving into our new house, looking forward to the freedom that it will bring.  Within the next two weeks the final grading should take place for the yard and throwing field.  Being able to hold throwing practices at the house will be a welcome blessing.  The links page has been updated.  Please e-mail me you have any websites that you would like included.

UPDATE: April 26, 2008

It has been a long winter and as typical I procrastinated in updating the website.  In this first update of the new throwing season you should find a few staples and also a revisit into the past.  We are starting to plan the Wyoming Festival which will be held on June 28-29, 2008.  You can find a preliminary entry form here be aware that entry form might change but I'm pretty confident that it won't.  I have also put some pictures of the 2007 Dakota Gathering of the Clans click here to view.  I used a different format for the pictures please let me know your thoughts and feelings.  Back in 2004 I had the privilege of pulling together the RMSA newsletters.  I recently rediscovered the digital files for these.  If you would like to refresh your memory on some of the excellent articles that have been written by throwers for throwers click here. I have also posted the entry form for the Flagstaff AZ games.  Click here for the entry form

   One exciting thing I would like to announce is that the 2008 Dakota Gathering of the Clans will be the host of The Rocky Mountain Scottish Athletes Championships.  The RMSA has not had a true championship for several years and we are proud to be able to help bring the championships back.  This is also a my 10th year organizing athletics.  With these two things working together I am hoping to be able to put together a set of prizes that will be the envy of every athlete that cannot come up to compete.  Stay tuned for more updates concerning this.

  On a personal note: we have spent the Winter building a new house that is handicapped accessible for me.  It has been a long hard road and have learned a lot.  We've had excellent contractors working for us and in the end I think not only will we have a house that I can move around in them but also enough land that we can hold practices on.  Thank you all for the encouraging words and support you have given me and my family over the last year.  The Scottish athletic community is full of exceptional people.  I hope to see you all sometime during the season.

    Anyone wishing to submit Results, Pictures, Entry Forms, or Practice Information for the website, please contact the webmaster, using the "Contact Us" button.   



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