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September 01, 2012     


In 2008 the Black Hills Scottish Athletes started a new chapter by taking the lead roll in providing the community with a well organized Celtic event that was centered around the Heavy Athletics.  Our goal was to organize a Highland Games "for the athletes-by the athletes".  We feel that this goal was accomplished with the last three year's events.  This year we are continuing with an event that is for the athletes.  Although we are still in a  transition period, we feel that we can continue to put on a outstanding event.

This year’s Rapid City’s game (2012 Rushmore Heavy Events) will again be held at The Central States Fair Grounds.  It is our hope that this venue will continue to provide us a great location for the Heavy Events.

Check back often for updates!

We are only able to do this with the generous help from all of our volunteers and sponsors, please take some time to notice each and every one of them and if the need arises support and thank them.

PB&J  Inc.

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ENTRY FORMS:                                        
2012 Rushmore Heavy Events (PDF)

2012 Rushmore Heavy Events (MS Word Document Form)

Download this form, fill out and save with your name at the end of the filename and e-mail back to me if wanting to electronically "register" (registry not final until entry fee is received).



If you would like to use PayPal to pay for your entry click on the button below.  Remember, you'll also need to download the entry form, fill out and save with your name at the end of the filename and e-mail back to me.

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2012 Rushmore Heavy Events (shows event location)